To Reach Iowa Voters, Trust an Iowa Agency with Your Political Media Placement

When you want to reach Iowa voters, don’t look at agencies thousands of miles away to plan and place your media. Look to Iowans. At InsideIowa Media, we know Iowa media. We know political advertising. And we know Iowans. We know how to talk to them and where to reach them.
We also get to know your opponents. We understand they will pivot and change tactics — and those changes may dictate a shift in your political media investments or strategy. We follow everything happening around your political campaign in real time and will react swiftly to keep you a step ahead of your opponents.

Spending Transparency

Get the Best Value with Your Political Media Placement

We’ll develop a turnkey political media plan to put you on the path to victory. And you’ll see every detail concerning your campaign — from outlining tactics to showing every media dollar spent.

At InsideIowa Media, our on-staff political science expert helps us navigate extremely crowded political cycles and negotiate the best rates for political media. And we analyze multiple ratings sources to maximize the efficiency of your political campaign and create the greatest impact on voters.

Win Iowa Voters Today

Win Iowa Voters Today

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Traditional and Streaming TV

The Perfect Pair to Reach Voters

We use our buying power as the largest agency TV buyer in Iowa to get the best value. We layer traditional broadcast buys with strategic streaming TV placements. And the fact that we’re the largest Hulu agency partner in the region gives you 20% added value with all buys. Here are more reasons we think streaming TV is a smart addition to your TV media spend plan:

  • Has a lower CPM than typical broadcast media.
  • Reaches a bigger audience: 300,000 Hulu subscribers in Des Moines alone.
  • Can target specific political segments to reduce waste.
  • Ensures a 100% ad completion rate: Ads aren’t skippable; you only pay for start-to-finish views.

Microtargeted Digital Media

Reach Iowa Voters in the
Right Place at the Right Time

We deliver your political campaign message to Iowa voters in the right place at the right time — and we reach MORE of them thanks to our proprietary Demand Side Platform. This platform has an exponential scale of available inventory and the ability to target 25,000 different audience segments. Our Demand Side PlatformTM allows us to filter out junk inventory to reach the voter audiences that matter to you. And we monitor the effectiveness of your digital placements every day and make adjustments whenever needed to ensure your political campaign is performing.

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