Your Source for Iowa Voter Insights

Successful campaign messaging and targeting relies on solid research. We can help you learn what matters most to your audience and identify triggers that will move voters to action. Our team is experienced in gaining insights for all sizes of communities and types of audiences.


Identify Voter Issues

InsideIowa Media’s research approaches will help your campaign understand which issues are critical to voters. We explore what matters most and we evaluate how well voters may react to your campaign’s position—fine-tuning along the way to help you maximize results.


Reach Your Voters

The most effective messaging connects to voter triggers. We help prioritize what is most relevant and persuasive to communicate. Through our campaign message testing process, your campaign will gain a deeper understanding of how voters react to potential messages. This allows us to help you sift out low-impact messaging and zero in on what voters want to know about.

Advertising Evaluation

Optimize Your Political Campaign Advertising

Effective campaign ads do three things: Capture the attention of potential voters, make an emotional connection, and motivate them to take action. Our research team can test creative with target audiences to ensure it’s doing its job. If there is room for improvement, we’ll find it and optimize your creative for the best results.

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